Weathertex offers timber weatherboards to protect your home or office from weather and other contaminants. The Weathertex boards are easy to install and are designed for easy cutting in case you need to make any adjustments. Weathertex focuses on offering zero carbon footprint for those who are environmentally minded. The natural materials are put together to prevent termites. The Australian based company is dedicated to beauty and service, and you can find the Weathertex products by going to the North Home Gallery.

The goal of Weathertex is to give you an affordable solution that lasts a long time. The warranty states that your Weathertex weatherboard won’t rot or crack, and it covers you for up to 25 years.

Weathertex offers several benefits such as

  • Zero silicones or adhesives
  • Natural timber and wax materials
  • Stylish options
  • Customization for your home or office
  • No chemicals or artificial glues in the timber
  • Low maintenance and affordable materials