Ken Sparks Carpets

Ken Sparks Carpets brings european flair to your home or office with the help of beautiful carpets for your floors. Find carpet options sourced from all over the world, from Europe to Australia. Ken Sparks Carpets provides your complete home flooring solution with options to improve your space such as carpet tiles and underlays.

The company is family owned and uses the highest quality materials to make its carpets. Ken Sparks Carpets maintains great relationships with manufacturers and designers all over the world, and it wants to bring this expertise to your space. Ken Sparks Carpets provides carpets from brands such as TWN, Intercarpets and George Low.

Checkout the different options from Ken Sparks Carpets by coming to the North Home Gallery. The Ken Sparks Carpets company is known for helping people out, and it provides additional items and benefits such as:

  • Quality European Carpets
  • Domestic Vinyl
  • Colour Consultancy
  • Australian and New Zealand Carpets
  • European metal profiles