Building your dream home can be challenging

Most people design their homes first, then consult a builder afterwards. But agreeing to a design before first understanding the impact of choosing different building materials, techniques and products can delay your project and add hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cost.

Now there’s a better way


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We’ve developed a fresh approach

We’ve created a home building information centre and gallery that guides you through the key steps involved in building a home on the Northern Beaches, all shown together as a coherent package. At North Home Gallery, everything is presented in a simple and structured way, so there’s less for you to worry about. North Home Gallery takes you through the journey of the home building process. explaining the main steps involved, and providing you access to the different products in each area of your build.



As a gallery, we bring selected architects, engineers, builders Northern Beaches, Sydney Builders, tradespeople and suppliers together under one roof, so you can see the big picture, as well as the fine detail.


There is no need to Google dozens of supplier websites, or to drive all over Sydney to see, touch and cost different materials, systems ore options, you can touch real-life examples of alternative building designs, materials and products all in one showroom display centre. Our team of expert builders are available to help explain and demonstrate the latest technologies and products available to you.


By assembling decades of knowledge, experience, intelligence and craftsmanship in one place we can ensure that your building project will be successful and enjoyable.


North Home Gallery
A Better Way to Build

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These 5 key areas are: