Attic Group

Attic Group is your one stop shop for anything you need for your attic. The Attic Group is known for offering affordable solutions such as attic ladders, skylights, home extensions and attic storage options. The Australian company helps people maximize their space in the attic and make it a friendlier, more appealing place to go.

A common problem in attics is dust. Attic Group helps dust proof your attic and turn it into a place for recreation and storage. There’s no reason to settle for that dusty, airy attic anymore with Attic Group, since you have a chance to turn your attic into a liveable area.

The Attic Group brand is a family owned business which uses the best materials and workers to install items into your attic. The company has an award winning portfolio with various options to improve your home and expand your living space.

Attic Group provides additional options such as:

  • Manual openings
  • Velux roof windows
  • Door stops
  • Attic studios
  • Premium storage rooms

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